Our Approach

We invest capital in small and medium scale businesses and although our interest is centred around growth opportunities, we do not provide seed capital. Our approach is highlighted as follows:

  • Identifying Growth

    Identify growth businesses operating in our target markets. The process of identifying investment opportunities involves finding investments with high impact; economic, environmental, financial, social and technological impact, and a viable path to exit investments.

  • Prioritise investments

    Prioritise investments that provide significant opportunities to empower women given the strong correlation between women’s economic empowerment and poverty alleviation.

  • Taking Stakes

    Take significant minority stakes in selected investment opportunities. Majority stakes may also be acquired depending on the value proposition.

  • Create Value

    For the businesses that we acquire stakes in, we create value by articulating and implementing a clear business strategy for the portfolio company, strengthening managerial decision making within the company, enhancing corporate governance and leveraging our resources to assist the company achieve its stated business objectives.

  • Monitor Progress

    Monitor the progress of the portfolio company over the investment period and provide regular progress reports to our investment committee and investors.

  • Exit Strategy

    Initiate predetermined exit strategies to ensure a timely return of invested capital while maximising returns.

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